Review: Alchemy Coffee Roasters ☕️

. . Hello to all my beautiful readers 🤗

Today’s post is a review of ‘Alchemy Coffee Roasters’


Alchemy is based in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

– Address: Welgemoed Plaza, Shop 10B, Bakker Street, Bellville, Cape Town

– I must say this is very refreshing due to all artisan coffee shops generally being in the City, or somewhere out on the southern suburbs.

Layout of the Store 

Alchemy is compact yet spacious enough to have your own personal space while enjoying a coffee with your friends and family.

It is beautifully layed out in my opinion, in terms of decorations and appealing to the eyes.

I quite like the natural light that comes through the store, and it makes for good lighting for photos 😉

The food menu 

Alchemy doesn’t seem to have much of an eating menu, but they do offer croissant’s and biscuits – from what I could see 🥐🍪

The coffee

The reason as to why I do this 😌😝

Alchemy’s coffee was enjoyable, I had the cortado, which Is my preferred choice of beverage- it had all the features of an artisan coffee taste to it.

– They have a variety of types of coffee beverages

– It was flavourful in terms of it being fruity and it had a lovely acidic vibe to it – Not really sweet, but not sour either, it was a good extract 👌

*In recent times, because I’ve been exposed to fruity flavours, I’ve acquired the liking of such coffees. Unfortunately I can’t identify which fruit flavours it was (I’m still working on that part of my palatte 😝😁)

– They use a single origin medium roasted Tanzanian bean (From what the Barista – Vuyo has informed me)

*I’ve recently been tasting the Tanzanian bean quite often, and I really enjoy it.

– They also sell their coffee in 250grams for R85 and 1KG for R260

Other interesting information 

– They offer customers the ability to pay via snapscan

– And from what I can see, they roast on site 😁


3.7 / 5 

On merit for:

– Good tasting coffee ☕️
– Layout is spacious and cosy
– Barista was friendly

Hope you find the time to go and visit them 😃👌☕️

Behind the scenes 😝

Please do take the time to go and visit them, and if you did, feel free to leave a comment to tell me about your experience 🙂

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Hoping you’re all well!

Until Next Time 😌☕️. . .


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