Review: Woolworths Cafe- Canal Walk ☕️

. . Hello to all my beautiful readers! 🤗
In today’s post I’m going to review ‘Woolworths Cafe – Canal walk ‘

As many of my South Africa people know, Woolworths pride themselves on their great quality products, but what I didn’t know is that they also have their very own coffee culture that was brewing right under my nose!

What I found out in my short visits to Woolworths Cafe:


Woolworths has their own roastery, whereby all the coffee beans that are used at their cafes, are roasted to suit the flavour and quality of Woolworths.

At Woolworths headquarters, they have their own barista training programme and every barista has to attend.

They roast single Origin beans, that are 100% organic and they are also on sale to the public.

House blend


Woolworths uses a blend of Ethiopian bean and Tanzanian Bean for their main house blend espresso based beverages.

For those who didn’t know- The Ethiopian bean is one of the best in the world, as well as that is one of the known countries at which the arabica coffee plant originates from.

(More on that in another post)

This was also the first time I’ve ever tasted a blend with a coffee bean from Tanzania, it was quite nice, also fruity in taste.


Woolworths Cafe can be located on the ground floor in Canal Walk- Century City, on the left hand side after entering the store.

Store layout

Woolworths Cafe is quite spacious and there are more than enough seats available.
They have two sections within the Cafe;

1. A counter for take away coffee

2. A counter for the coffee served in store

Overall experience 


– I found that the staff was very friendly and were more than willing to answer the various questions that I had for them.

– They informed me that all waiters and waitrons also have to go for barista training in the event that they run short on baristas.

– I asked for advice on which beverage to choose, and my waitron advised me to taste the ‘ vanilla and cinnamon cappuccino ‘

– On doing so, the cappuccino was tasty, the crema was beautifully formed and the milk texture was nice and fluffy.

– Although it was very cinnamony, for those who are not much of a fan of cinnamon, I recommend that you ask to use less, if in the event you choose to try out this beverage 🤗😌

In conclusion;

My own personal rating of Woolworths Cafe


On merit for:

– Friendly staff

– Attentiveness and willingness to help

– The coffee tasted good and was presented beautifully.

– The store itself is pleasant and spacious enough to be feel comfortable and at ease.

I would definitely visit Woolworths Cafe again when given the chance.

Hoping that you all are well 🤗

Until Next Time☕️ . . .


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