Origin Coffee Barista Course ☕️️❤️ 

. . . Hello all my beautiful readers!
I have some exciting news:

If this is the first time you’re reading, I mentioned in “My First Love! For Coffee” post, that my goal is to become a barista.

The 6th, 7th, and 8th of December 2016, I underwent a fantastic introductory barista course that would enable me to enter the real world of coffee making, and join in to become a full time barista! (One day one day 😂)

6 December 2016, Tuesday 

First day of the barista Course:

The course started at 9am Tuesday morning at Origin Coffee Roasters Head Quarters in Cape Town.

We started off by getting to know our barista trainer- ‘Arno Els’ – Who is a coffee professional as well as a musician and comedian – He also has his own YouTube channel.

After Arno introduced himself to us, the class that I was in, which consisted of 7- including myself, all got to know one another by stating a few things about ourselves.

We then proceeded in learning about coffee theory- From where coffee originated, to where one could find coffee farms, as well as how to make the perfect espresso and how to recognise when we have made under or over brewed espressos.

After lunch (13:00) we jumped straight into learning how to grind coffee beans, and how it has an impact on making the perfect espresso- It can either be too coarse, or too fine, but more on that some other time.

I made my first espresso, and I am proud to say that it was everything I could have ever hoped for – Full of flaws, and tasted nothing close to perfection 😂

So why was I happy about that?

It gave me the opportunity to learn, to grow, to ask Arno as much questions as I possibly could, and in my opinion, nothing great comes easy or on the first go… Perhaps only with luck? …

None the less, the first day was filled with endless trials and errors, from either over extracting or under extracting an espresso.
At the end of the day, we also learnt how to clean the espresso machines, that is essential to know when working in the coffee industry as a barista.

7 December 2016, Wednesday 

My second day of the barista course:

Arno presented us with a coffee test, that I am quite proud to say I got 43/52 – Not bad for my first time hey?

Obviously there is always room for improvement. 🤗

Once the test was completed, we moved onto setting our grinders into two teams, and eventually managed to get the correct grind size.
By my 6th or 7th try of making espressos, I managed to brew one that was sufficient, and that tasted “great” 🙌🏼

After lunch, we started with Milk theory, which involves the concept of Micro Textured Milk (For another post as well).
But in short, it’s stretching and combining the milk adding microscopic particles and air into the milk giving it volume and increasing the temperature to make the milk beverages and creating latte art.

Now this was the most difficult, yet the fun part of the day- We used water and sunlight soap as a means of practicing how to make micro textured milk.
(This is not milk- I repeat, it is not Milk 😂)

I managed to get my “milk” the best way I could considering the substitute that we used.

8 December 2016, Thursday

My Third and final day of the barista course:
By by third day I was able to distinguish what was a good Espresso and what was a bad one.
I knew what I was to expect, and my palate had becomes accustomed to the concentrated taste of an espresso.

We also practiced a lot more vigorously the milk technique, and were given points with regards to it.

Only once we achieved all of the goals set out, did we start combing our espressos and “milk” (water and sunlight soap).
This was to enable that we are ready to start using real milk.

After lunch Arno demonstrated to us how to make latte art, and we proceeded in using real milk to make either flat whites or cortados (More on that in another post).

– I unfortunately couldn’t master the art of making latte art, but great things take time, and with experience comes great knowledge and skill. 🙌🏼😌☕️


Because this course was such a personal goal for myself to achieve, on the last day I was left saddened due to it ending. It was very difficult for me to actually have to say goodbye to learning so much amazing facts, tricks, and techniques of how to brew coffee.

This experience has pushed my passion for coffee to a whole different level.

Personal Note:

A Special thank you goes out to Arno, who was such an awesome teacher, thank you for answering all my questions, and never being afraid to tell us the truth of just how terrible our (My) Espressos may have been 😂🙌🏼.

Without you being able to teach myself, and the others so efficiently, effectively and skill fully, We wouldn’t be equipped with the knowledge that enables us with the ability to fulfil the passion inside us.

Once again, Thank you Arno 🙌🏼👌

Review of the course:

Well, I can safely say that I had a fantastic time, and that every bit of the journey was exciting and informative.

Rating of: 5/5

On merit for:

Knowledge- With great knowledge, comes great responsibility
Resources and innovativeness- Instead of using milk (saving resources) we used water that we used a lot less of.
Skills acquired- In the very short time, we managed to learn so much, and were able to see the type of possible Baristas we could actually be.

Exciting times lie ahead 🤗☕️️🔥

Until Next Time ☕️️☕️️☕️️ . . .


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