Review: Shift Your Thinking, To Shift Espresso! ☕️

. . . Hello to all my beautiful readers 🤗, Hoping you all are well 🤗

In today’s post I will be reviewing ‘Shift Espresso Bar’

Shift Espresso Bar is a family owned enterprise. They started their venture in 2014, and 2 years later, are reaping the benefits of their hard work.

The owners are people who were brought up with the coffee culture instilled in them- dating back to world war 2, when the owners grandfather worked the farm lands collecting coffee and coco beans. They don’t believe in drinking instant coffee, and back in the day, brewed their coffee manually in pots. 

Shift espresso bar is located: 47 main road, Green Point, Cape Town – outside the Cape Royale Luxury hotel

From the moment you set eyes on this glorious store, you will notice that they offer free wifi 👌 as well as they accommodate for cycle tours (A very good hang out spot for cyclists)

But lets get talking about the store inside; 

As you can see, Shift espresso bar is in fact, shaped like a bar, and is meant to give a similar effect to that of Vida e Cafe’ , but obviously, in my opinion- Shift is better 😬

For reasons starting now:

The coffee

Shift espresso bar offers their own range of artisan coffee, from barista styled espresso drinks, to manual brewed alternate drinks.

They also roast their very own coffee and is sold at their branch in Greenpoint.

Have you seen the owner/head barista? 

Fear not, I have him right here 😂🙌🏼

Well, just look at him… that’s enough to get me to go there everyday 👀 #EyeCandy

The layout is very retro, and to the point, I can safely say, one won’t be able to find decaf coffee in this little place of spunkiness.

They have inside and outside seating, accommodating between 3-4 people at a table,  I wouldn’t want to be caught stuck in rush hour there. 👀

Shift offers a selection of what to choose from their menu, unfortunately they are not halaal, but they are expanding and will be opening up a new store- They have informed me that, their new store, is going to be halaal friendly.

My personal experience:

I’ve been to shift espresso bar twice, and I can say that both times I felt welcomed and at ease. Both times I went with friends, and the owners made us feel that we could sit there as long as we wanted.

I’ve tasted their Cappuccino and Cortado (my preferred beverages) and can honestly say that the taste of the coffee is divine. It leaves a subtle pleasant taste after drinking it and I recommend it to anyone that enjoys both caffeinated and milk beverages.

I also had a chocolate croissant- good choice.

Personal rating of Shift Espresso bar: 


On merit for:

– Good service

– Fantastic flavourful coffee

– Free wifi

Oh hey look, that’s me 😬😬😬

Until Next Time . . .


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