My First Love! For Coffee ❤️

. . . Hello to all my beautiful readers 🤗, in today’s post I will be introducing you to my very own, and first Coffee machine – ‘Russell Hobbs 15 Bar Espresso Maker’ 

I’m thinking I should give it a name…

  • Baby? A playoff of Dean’s car from the series ‘Supernatural’ 


  • Expresso? You know, just to mess with people’s minds 👀 and because coffee is a means of expressing myself? Hmmm…

Sorry, I’m not good with names 👀😂

The Russell Hobbs espresso maker consists of:

– Adjustable panatela head for frothy milk warm espresso based beverages

– Removable drip tray 

– Removable water tank

– Constant 15 bar pump pressure 

– 1000 W 

– Permanent stainless steel filter
Right! So let’s get into this! 

My goal is to be a barista that is able to make beautiful coffee – espresso based drinks, for everyone that shares the same passion as I (Yes I finally put it out there 🙌🏼❤️)

But first…

What is an espresso? 
It’s coffee that is brewed by forcing a small amount of water under high pressure through finely ground coffee beans.
It has a thicker texture and body than most other means of coffee brewing methods. With the pressure of an espresso machine, a crema is formed, that is the top layer of the espresso, and allows the shot of espresso to be filled with flavours that the coffee bean has, as well as it allows latte art to be formed. 

The espresso, is also a base of many other known hot/cold beverages, to name a few: 

– Flat white Aka Cappuccino

– Americano 
– Caffe Latte

– Caffe Mocha

– Caffe Macchiato 

– Ice Coffee ☕️ 

]My personal experience with this machine: 

It took a lot of trial and error, I had to find the right coffee beans that would give me the concentrated texture that Is compatible with my machine, because this isn’t a commercial espresso machine, and it is semi automatic. I’m not able to get the texture that I actually want- which is a more concentrated form than in the video.  

The longer the brew, the more extraction of caffeine and possible bitterness will come from it. But under brewing it will lack the full flavour and crema, that’s why I’ve found a 25-27 second ratio that has enabled me to get the espresso that I want, but that only works when I use a double shot of espresso. (Two scoops of measured grounded coffee) 

None the less, I am still able to brew a cup of espresso that taste divine 👌
For more information, feel free to contact me via commenting, or sending me a direct email using the link – Contact above 
Hope you enjoyed reading what I had to say about my baby 🤗☕️️ – Yeah I’m sticking with that name 😂 (Unless you have something better? 👀) 

Until Next Time . . . 


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