Review: Schoon de Companje’ – Beautiful Coffee Indeed!

. . . Hello to all my beautiful readers 🤗

In today’s post, I will be introducing to you one of my absolute favourite coffee spots in Stellenbosch, Cape Town-South Africa.

Schoon de Companje’

Schoon means beautiful in the Dutch language and it is fitting to say that Schoon is a place that one goes to fall in love with the beauty of coffee.

I have found a deeper affiliation of coffee because of the one on one service I receive when I visit this amazing place.
Schoon de Companje, is an artisan coffee shop that offers a variety of products to their customers.

From the moment one enters Schoon De Companje, we get to see the process of them roasting their own beans, which is amazing to watch and learn, as well as the aroma is definitely enticing enough to want to enter the store and enjoy a cup of, well anything that they have to offer.

One can expect to see how the baristas brew the lovely espressos and how they perform their latte art.

They are unfortunately not Halal, but they do offer a selection of Desserts, breads and cheeses that one could indulge in.

One of my favourite desserts is the white brownie, it has a very refreshing taste of lemon in the mix , as well as their cronuts! Yum!

Once a month I make a trip to Stellenbosch, to go and buy my supply of beans for my home – My favourites are; House blend, Ethiopian bean and Guatemala bean 🙌🏼

The staff are very friendly, and helpful when needed.

My personal rating of Schoon de Companje:




Definitely a must visit when in the Stellenbosch area ❤️


Let me know what you think of this post and if there is any coffee shop that you would recommend me to visit 😃


Until Next Time . . .


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