Say Hello To South African Coffee! 

. . . Each day, I wake up and try to seize the day, but not without a cup of coffee in my hand first thing in the morning. 
In this blog, I will be show casing all the different aspects of coffee that I have learnt and will be learning about. 

I’m using this as a platform to increase my knowledge about the coffee industry, as well as to inform all you fantastic people about the ins and outs of amazing cafes in South Africa, Cape Town. 

I hope that together with my love of photography as well as coffee, that I will be able to capture coffee moments in all it’s glory. 

What is coffee? 

Coffee is a beverage that is brewed from coffee beans that are roasted at different time frames to give a specific flavour all depending on the origin of the bean.

What is coffee roasting? 

Coffee roasting is the process that coffee green beans go through in order to achieve the flavour and different characteristics that we can taste when drinking coffee. 

Coffee in South Africa- Cape Town (My Opinion) 

For the past two years I’ve been visiting coffee stores within Cape Town and gathering a frame of reference to compare and give an opinion on what the best coffee is. 

Commercial coffee and single origin coffee stores, co exist together in the coffee industry in Cape Town, although they compete on two different levels. 

Commercial coffee exists for those who enjoy coffee on a basis that it is quick, and they enjoy the same flavours every time. 

For me, commercial coffee blocks my ability to seek where the beans of the coffee that I’m drinking comes from. 

However, single origin coffee stores, tend to roast their own beans as well as they inform their customers what bean they are using. 

Single origin coffee stores have a very distinctive flavour, and each stores coffee varies in how flavourful their coffee is. 


Personally I’ve become a massive fan of single origin brewed coffee. I find it to be very rewarding in knowing what I am drinking, and being able to distinguish and taste where the beans are from.

In my next post I will discuss in further detail about the roasting process that occurs before one can brew coffee. 

Thank you for reading

Until Next Time . . .


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